Help us help!

Choose between three different types of help you may contribute through CADENA CJG ONG:

1. You may make a DONATION
2. You may help with a MISSION
3. You may become a LINK COMPANY.

1. Donations

If you would like to donate in kind you may contact us at in order to coordinate delivery.

If you would like to donate money you may do so by using your VISA o MASTER CARD credit card accesing this link

2. Help with a Mission

With CADENA CJG ONG you may help with a mission in two different ways:

A. Help with a scheduled mission.

By helping with scheduled missions you may send a limited number of your company´s volunteers, your logo will appear in deliverd goods ands in all CADENA CJG ONG public information your company will be mentioned as donor or co-donor for the mission.

B. Help with a tailor-made mission.

By helping with a tailor-made mission you may reserve volunteer places for your company, your logo will appear in deliverd goods ands in all CADENA CJG ONG public information your company will be mentioned as donor or co-donor for the mission.

NOTE: Missions mentioned above are humanitarian help oriented and NOT first response missions during Natural Disasters or Emergencies which are limited only to trained volunteers.

3. Become a Link Company

The Link Company Program was designed for families, companies, institutions or organizations that care for disaster prevention and civil protection. Link Company Program provides the opportunity to contribute resources for this events, at the same time it promotes executive and employees participation in humanitarian aid missions as well as workshops in the subject. Link Companies see an immediate improvement in their Social Responsability Indicator.

Link Companies donations provide resources for several intensive demand needs, for example we will mention some:

- Fullfilment and storing of Emergency Family Boxes which include products for clothing, hygiene, first aid, survival and non peritiable food which must be used at any moment to help families during an Emergency.

- Fullfilment and storing of Water Filters which continously provide CADENA with a much needed product all over Guatemala where gastrointestinal deseases are recurrent do to deficient water supply and constant emergencies that damage them.

- Obtaning and maintaining up to date instruments and equipment for rescue and associated tasks.

- Local and abroad seminars, workshops and specialized courses so our Volunteer Rescuers can obtain knowledge, skills and certifications to operate with other certified institutions during an Emergency or Natural Disaster.

There are three different categories of Link Companies:

Benefits / Category Basic Silver Gold
Right to be called Link Company
Workshops (limited participation, max 2 persons) 1 per year 2 Per year 3 per year
Corporate Volunteers (limited participation, max 2 persons) 1 missions per year 2 missions per year 3 missions per year
Mentioned in CADENA CJG ONG Media
Guatemalan IRS deductibe receipts
Annual donation in USD USD 2.000 USD 3.000 USD 5.000

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